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A Different Kind of Business Support

Small Business Development Program

Ready to turn your hobby or side hustle into a business? We are ready to help you move forward!

It doesn't matter where you started, just that you keep going! We are here to help you improve your operations and connect you with resources that actually help!

Our program is simple: we help businesses forward. You don't have to be a business major or even a career business administrator to run a successful business. All you need is a hustler work ethic and desire to grow!

Young Business Owner

Phase 1:
Make It Legal

The first step to becoming a business owner is making it official. Go ahead and let the government know you are out here! 

There are three items every business needs to accomplish in the beginning:


  1. Choose a legal business structure.

  2. Know the government rules and regulations affecting your business.

  3.  Purchase business insurance.

Team Meeting

Phase 2:
Assemble the Team

Step two: it's time to assemble the "Money Team."

It doesn't matter how long you've been in business. If you want to avoid or reduce financial mistakes, you need this team!

Who's on the Money team? Glad you asked:

  1. Accountant

  2. Banker

  3. Lawyer

  4. Marketer 

  5. Sounding board friend

  6. Friend that doesn't let you quit

This is only the beginning, your team will expand as time goes on. Don't get stressed out, we will help you with the team. 

Exercise Group

Phase 3:
Sharpen Your Skills

Every business needs three personalities to thrive:

  1. An Entrepreneur

  2. A Manager

  3. A Technician

It's not optimal to be all three, but you do what you have to do STARTING OFF. Whether you have a whole team or just a team of one, it serves you well to have knowledge or experience with all of these. Train your workforce to work smarter/not harder to grow the business.

We offer hands-on training on business ownership, private sector contracts, public sector bids, and other tips that will improve your business owner's toolbag.

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