About the Dayton Black Pride Festival 

We are just getting started!

We did it and now we are keeping the party going!

Dayton Black Pride launched in the summer of 2021. The concept was simple-create pride event that celebrates Black and brown lgbtq+ members.  As a people, we appreciate the love and support we received from our non-Black/Brown LGBTQ+ friends and allies. However, many of us continue to feel rejected by our birth families and hidden by the community. But still, we rise.

Because Black people are dope, within five weeks we raised funds, secured a location, created entertainment, bought the t-shirts, found vendors, and made the day happen! The day was everything we needed as a culture. We cried, danced, ate good food, and celebrated our authentic lives in West Dayton!

That was year one! Year two and beyond will continue to build stronger bonds for us all!

The Dayton Black Pride festival is an opportunity for black and brown members to celebrate our wins, fellowship, enjoy entertainment, learn about resources, and live openly as our authentic selves.